“Ron Frey represents a magical combination of intelligence, drive and compassion. As an advisor, he was instrumental in our building tremendous corporate value resulting in a very favorable exit. Spending 35 years in the automotive technology space exposed me to hundreds of industry icons and experts. I state with absolute certainty, Ron Frey is the best of the best.”

Rusty West
Co-Founder | Market Scan Information Systems, Inc.

Market Scan

“Ron was introduced to our automotive marketing business and it was immediately clear he would become a valuable asset. His experience and industry access have created numerous growth opportunities and helped us make calculated decisions about our future. He is pragmatic and thoughtful, and his passion for the industry is contagious for me and my team. I consider him more than a business advisor—he is a confidant and friend.”

Drew C. Marticke
President | Progressus


“I have had the pleasure of working together with Ron for many years on Dealer Tire’s board. Ron is an extremely creative and bright executive. His entrepreneurial mind is an incredibly valuable attribute in the fast-changing automotive aftermarket. Ron is a genuinely kind and thoughtful person who cares about those he works with and is always there to lend a hand.”

Scott Mueller
Partner – CEO | Neuron – Dealer Tire

Dealer Tire

“Ron is one of the most insightful and strategic leaders in Automotive. Whenever I had a particularly complex issue scaling Square Root, I would turn to Ron as an informal advisor. I can truly say I would not have completed the acquisition process without Ron’s guidance, advice, and friendship.”

Chris Taylor
VP and GM | Neuron – CDK Global

“Ron is an innovator and thought leader focusing on enabling dealers to provide guests a better vehicle purchase and ownership experience. His ability to visualize the art of the possible and leverage technology improves the guest experience and improves dealer performance.”

Brent Burns
President & CEO | JM Family Enterprises

JM Family Enterprises

“I had the pleasure of being introduced to Ron through the best investment bankers in the
automotive industry.  After our first 15-minute conversation I knew Ron’s experience and insight into business and certainly automotive was unique, special, and built from his tremendous experience. He “got” me and, more importantly, my business vision and our opportunity. We sat together for an hour at NADA and I felt like the entire convention hall was our own quiet conference room. With a simple question or two Ron unlocked profound confidence in me that not only was my business truly onto something but that it could be much larger than what I had ever thought before.  Business coach. Visionary. Consultant. Executive. I think Ron can do it all and look forward to every next time we visit.”

Brice Englert
CEO | TradePending

Trade Pending

“Ron has been an invaluable thought leader to motormindz and to me personally. He has an
incredible gift for creating simple solutions to complex business problems. He will challenge your thinking, provide you with alternative perspectives and, where appropriate, actively coach, mentor and facilitate co-creation and implementation of the right solutions. Every interaction with Ron has had a meaningful, measurable impact on our business.”

Jeff Van Dongen
CEO | motormindz


“Initially playing an advisory role to ICC, Ron’s insights regarding the early phases of being a start-up in the automotive space were invaluable. He continued to play this “sounding board” role as the company matured, lending his acumen at critical junctures that would directly impact the direction of the company. As a result of Ron’s guidance, ICC officially added him to our board of directors, enabling us to take greater advantage of his judgment and further leverage his vast network of industry relationships.”

Brian Terr
President & Co-Founder | Inventory Command Center LLC.


“Ron was critical to the success of our financing. His review and input on every stage of the investment process was critical in positioning myKaarma’s differentiation and strategy effectively to prospective investors.”

Ujj Nath
Chairman & CEO | myKaarma


“For the past few years, Ron Frey has provided exceptional advice to the CitNOW Group as we have planned the growth of the business. His knowledge of the digital space in automotive, in both the U.S. and Europe, is exceptional. This along with his experience, operational input and contacts have made a considerable difference to us. Ron is always at hand to listen, advise, contribute and assist with our growth plans. During our recent investment process, that culminated in our successful sale to Livingbridge, he was outstanding with advisor meetings and management sessions. CitNOW Group is delighted that Ron is a part of our team.”

Geoffrey Page-Morris


“I have worked with Ron Frey for almost 15 years in the auto retail space.  He is a rare executive that possesses incredible strategic skills with real operating “chops.” Ron has the unique ability to take very complex subjects and help all constituents understand the mission and their role in executing it. I have the utmost respect for Ron, both personally and professionally, and the value he adds to all engagements.”

Mike Maroone
Maroone USA

Maroone USA

“We at Portico have had the pleasure of working with Ron on many transactions, on both the
same and opposite sides of the table.  Ron’s thoughtfulness, creativity, strategic thinking, and integrity make him invaluable.  He is a true luminary within the automotive technology sector.”

S. Searcy Dryden
Managing Partner | Portico Capital

Portico Capital

“I have had the pleasure to work with Ron as a vendor when he worked for AutoNation and more recently as a customer of his strategic advisory services. Ron has an incredibly deep understanding of the of the automotive industry and where it is heading. His integrity is evident and he is someone that I trust and highly recommend to provide wise and unbiased counsel.”

Tom Cross
Executive Vice President | Hearst Transportation

Hearst Transportation

“I have had the privilege of working with Ron on several strategic acquisitions in the
automotive data and analytics sector while at J.D. Power. He always provides sound and thoughtful advice backed by deep industry knowledge. I consider him a trusted advisor and friend.”

Pete Cimmet
Chief Strategy Officer | J.D. Power

JD Power

“We have worked with Ron on a handful of automotive industry-related opportunities and have valued each of our engagements greatly. He brings a unique combination of on-the-ground, practical perspectives from his experience in the auto retailing sector and a strategic mindset from his extensive work within the automotive marketing, digital strategy, data and software ecosystems. Given the increasing influence of technology on how cars are marketed, sold and repaired, this combination of personal and professional experiences was incredibly helpful as we tried to navigate the shifting sands in the industry. On top of that, he is thoughtful, responsive and a delight to work with. Ron is someone we will continue to rely on for counsel and advice.”

Kosty Gilis
Managing Director | ONEX


“Ron Frey has grown from running startups to being one of the auto industry’s most successful leasing retailers and has made the impressive transition to executive leader at the country’s largest public automobile retailing organization. As a result, Ron is a valuable resource with unique industry insights, leveraging his experiences and leadership skills to provide consulting services to any organization focused on the auto industry. By being personally polite but professionally persistent, Ron can make change happen! He challenged our organizational design and leadership, producing real results. I highly recommend Ron and I will be using him on other assignments in the future.”

Greg Perrier
CEO | AutoData

“Ron is a tremendous individual who provides value in numerous areas. His knowledge and wisdom run deep. Working with Ron has been – and continues to be – a privilege. He has helped accelerate both my business and me, as an executive. Most importantly, I trust Ron – something that isn’t easy to come by these days. When Ron speaks, my ears perk up and he has my undivided attention!”
Lindsay Hunt
President & CEO | SuperATV

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